Monday, May 28, 2012

Red, White, Blue and pink?

Charli and I have Conjunctivitis aka Pink Eye.  Let me tell you, Charli is a brave soul.  She (with minimal fight) has let me put drops in her eyes 4 times today.  2 drops per eye 4 times a day for 3 days. That's a lot for me, much less a 2 year old!

Why is it that kids get sick on weekends and holidays?  I know my parents have many a story of being out of town and we get sick and need to see a doctor.  Charli and I were at the Minor Med this morning for 2 hours. Two hours of waiting to see a FNP for literally less than 2 minutes.  And guess what? It's exactly what I was sure it was!  There was no way I was paying an additional $30 to see her for 2 minutes.  If Charli has pink eye and I have irritated, watery eyes too- what are the chances that mine isn't pink eye? Slim to none, I'm thinking.  So, 2 hours down. We're both hungry and feeling crappy and we have to go to the pharmacy.  Thankfully my consolation is that we use the Target pharmacy and I always have a happy feeling going to target. ;-)  We get there and they say it'll be 15 minutes, despite that the Minor Med was supposed to have called/faxed in the prescription.  We wait.  Come back and the pharmacist says that the co-pay on on the drops is $50. What the heck. She asks if they gave me a coupon. I say no and my dislike hate for the minor med escalates.  She says she will call and see if they either have a coupon or if they can prescribe something cheaper.  After another 20 minute wait, they change the prescription to a $4 bottle of drops.  Much better.  Now I love Target more and hate the Minor Med more too.  

We leave, drops in hand, and though it was not how I planned on spending my Memorial Day morning, I'm thankful that Brandon can handle Claire while Charli and I are most contagious.

The rest of the day was pretty chill.  Brandon and I got out in the yard during the girls' nap and weeded the beds, watered, trimmed some bushes, and sprayed for bugs.  I made Taco soup, gave the girls baths, and caught up on some DVRed shows.  I'm going to bed early and hoping my eye will feel better in the morning!

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  1. We have dealt with pink eye a couple times in our house. I seem to always be the only adult to get it ;). It's nasty stuff but I would take it over the stomach big any day of the week! Glad you all are better, and way to go Charlie for taking the drops so well! I remember sitting on some kids in my days.... hahaha