Friday, September 14, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Life has been a whirlwind these last few weeks.  All of the regular fall activities have kicked off and we are adjusting to the new business of life all the while anxiously awaiting the fall weather! I've felt quite sentimental this week as Charli just turned 3 and Claire will be 1 in a week.  Claire is more and more like a toddler and growing out of her baby-ness.  She is trying tirelessly to crawl but has only managed to master the lunge, scoot, and roll.  She is such a happy girl but her personality is much stronger than her big sis.  When she's done, she's done and when she's mad she's MAD.  She might turn into a temper tantrum toddler.

Charli continues to be our verbal, sweet, affectionate girl.  She questions everything out of sheer curiosity and talk constantly.  Most of the time it's sweet; however, we have implemented a discipline for her sassy tongue at the tender age of 3.  (Sassy sauce = a spoonful of cider vinegar)  Even the threat of this method is enough to straighten her up almost immediately.  She loves to "read" and was overheard yesterday saying over and over, "...and more rainbows are comin' your way..."   She is a quick learner and loves when we get out her preschool materials.  She is also starting to learn some Turkish because I've made a couple new Turkish friends and their daughters only speak turkish so far.

Here are a few recent pictures...
Claire can stand but can't pull up quite yet
this kitty is WILD
finally figured out she could sit up in the bed
swinging with her buddy