Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here's a comparison of my two little sweeties. Charli is on the left and Claire is on the right. I do see some similarities- mainly their coloring and hair. But I also see so many differences. Charli has rounder/fuller cheeks, a different nose, and a more prominent chin. They have the same eyes. Claire is significantly bigger and has longer, fuller, and lighter hair than Charli did at the same age. (It's hard to tell that in pictures though.) Charli was much more sensitive as a baby and not nearly as active. Claire is pretty chill, happy, likes strangers pretty well, and more physical. Charli sang more as a baby, Claire babbles more. Charli would eat just about anything- Claire so far will eat a few bites of most anything, but shudders when she doesn't like it. It cracks us up! Both of my girls have been sweet, cozy babies, and I love them so much :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Fair!

I'm going to break my own rule to never talk about fairness (it's one of my biggest pet peeves) and tell you what is NOT fair.

These are all apart of my (almost) daily routine.

Acne medicine
(monthly) ibuprofen, if you know what I mean...
Nursing bra
Wrinkle cream
Plucking grey hairs

I thought these would be spread out over 3 different seasons of life! NOT! At least I'm not wearing maternity clothes too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent, Priorities, & a Light-hearted Top 5

I've actually given Lent a lot of thought this year. Growing up Presbyterian/Baptist we didn't participate in this "giving something up" season. I'm not sure I even completely agree with just going something up. I get it- give up chocolate and when you want it you think about Jesus's sacrifice, right? To me, it is almost blasphemous that my TINY food sacrifice has any fraction of relation to Jesus's sacrifice on the cross. If I misunderstand or misinterpret, please enlighten me. With that being said I have a serious comment and goal as well as a joke. Serious first: I'm planning on reading the entire Bible in the next 90 days. Apparently it's about 12 pages a day in most Bibles, however, I'll be reading most of it on my phone (and probably while I'm nursing). Today it was Genesis 1-16, and it took me about a total of 45 minutes. I've been convicted that I spend an exorbitant amount of time playing games on my phone everyday but I only spend time in God's word a few times a week. I've read through my Bible a few times in my life- but haven't done it in a number of years. Thus, my goal to read it now- and half with be done during this Lenten season. I will also be disciplining myself to read it before I do any other mindless activity like games or Facebook on my phone.

And for the light hearted part of my post. I've been thinking up a top 5 "you know you might be off the mark during Lent if..."

5. You find yourself saying, "I'm soooo glad Lent falls right before my Spring Break Cancun trip this year. I've already lost 5 lbs giving up soda!"

4. You decide a new trend is underway with charcoal eyeshadow on foreheads. You quickly tweet your opinion.

3. You think to yourself, "good thing I gave up Facebook for Lent, I'm sick and tired of seeing all my friends getting engaged, married and having freakin' cute babies."

2. You can't decide whether to give up getting drunk, getting high or both.

1. You take on a fiscal fast, just in time to save up enough money to pay your outrageous Gap Credit Card bill.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been thinking about adjectives to describe each member of our family. I think it will be interesting to see if traits that I see in my very young children continue to characterize them as they grow up.

Charli: (age 2.5) lovable, informative, detail oriented, affectionate, emotional, sensitive, good dexterity, verbal, smart, great memory, shy (to the point of overwhelming fear) with strangers, structured, fun-loving, excitable, musical, needy, not curious, not physical, petite, charming, generally compliant, good memory

Claire: (much more difficult to see at only 5 months old): easy-going, loves to laugh, loves people and attention, adoring, alert, fat & happy!

While we're at it why not do Brandon and myself? (he helped me with mine)

Brandon: extroverted, funny, helpful, servant leader, loyal, genuine, musical, good sense of direction, rule-follower, loves groups, creative, handy, techy-tendencies, smart

Bess: structured, achievement-oriented, thrifty, witty, musical, rule-breaker, loves small groups/one-on-one interaction, driven, crafty, committed, choleric, confident

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cheerful Heart

The stages that Charli and Claire are in right now are so fun. Honestly, they are some of my favorites thus far in the 2.5 years of parenting. Claire is an easy baby. She rarely cries and if she does you can guarantee that something is hurting her. She sleeps through the night (7am-7pm) and naps pretty well. She loves her sister and is easily entertained. And who wouldn't be entertained in our household?! Charli says the absolute cutest things. We laugh constantly at her comments. She can't say the letter L well yet which also adds to the hilarity and cuteness. Here are some recent comments/conversations.

In the car Brandon and I were having a serious conversation about politics. Charli cuts in and says, "need to talk about penguins."

While coloring at the dinner table she's saying over and over again to herself, "I'm drawing to the promised land" (said like wande) So of course, we ask, "where'd you learn about the promised land?" (thinking they must really be covering some ground in the 2 year old Sunday school class!) she replies matter of factly, "Larry" (from Veggie Tales) oh, of course, who else? haha

This was recently heard through the baby monitor after we put Charli to bed: "This widdle piggy to market, this widdle piggy wee wee wee all da way" Over and over again.

She also loves to sing. She sings real songs and makes up everything else. I guess I can take credit for that- I sing everything to them, make up silly nonsense songs, and sing nursery rhymes, Bible songs, and pop songs to them constantly. Nothing makes me know I'm doing a good job better than the way Charli will "comfort" Claire when she get's fussy. In a sweet singsong-y voice she'll sing, "it's okay Claire-baby, don't you fussy, it's okay-yay-yay."

These moments help me "rise above" other moments where I could lose my mind. Like the other day when I was changing a BLOWOUT diaper of Claire's and simultaneously Charli peed a gallon on herself and the floor then starts bawling because she knows she's in trouble. Or when both girls are exhausted, hungry, and losing their minds as we make the 20 million mile, I mean 20 minute, drive home from church. Or when Claire's "special" number appears during the church service, meaning, we can't handle your child come get her NOW.

But really, those rough patches are nothing in comparison to their laughs, their big, beautiful, blue eyes, and their cuddles. I'm going to keep choosing to remember the good in the midst of the bad. And I love this paraphrase of Proverbs 15:13

"A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 Thumbs Up

There is nothing more endearing than my two little thumb sucking girls. I'm sure that for the rest of my life when I see a baby or toddler sucking their thumb I will think of my girls.

Oh the thumb-sucker’s thumb
May look wrinkled and wet
And withered, and white as the snow,
But the taste of a thumb
Is the sweetest taste yet
(As only we thumb-suckers know).
Shel Silverstein