Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been thinking about adjectives to describe each member of our family. I think it will be interesting to see if traits that I see in my very young children continue to characterize them as they grow up.

Charli: (age 2.5) lovable, informative, detail oriented, affectionate, emotional, sensitive, good dexterity, verbal, smart, great memory, shy (to the point of overwhelming fear) with strangers, structured, fun-loving, excitable, musical, needy, not curious, not physical, petite, charming, generally compliant, good memory

Claire: (much more difficult to see at only 5 months old): easy-going, loves to laugh, loves people and attention, adoring, alert, fat & happy!

While we're at it why not do Brandon and myself? (he helped me with mine)

Brandon: extroverted, funny, helpful, servant leader, loyal, genuine, musical, good sense of direction, rule-follower, loves groups, creative, handy, techy-tendencies, smart

Bess: structured, achievement-oriented, thrifty, witty, musical, rule-breaker, loves small groups/one-on-one interaction, driven, crafty, committed, choleric, confident

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