Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here's a comparison of my two little sweeties. Charli is on the left and Claire is on the right. I do see some similarities- mainly their coloring and hair. But I also see so many differences. Charli has rounder/fuller cheeks, a different nose, and a more prominent chin. They have the same eyes. Claire is significantly bigger and has longer, fuller, and lighter hair than Charli did at the same age. (It's hard to tell that in pictures though.) Charli was much more sensitive as a baby and not nearly as active. Claire is pretty chill, happy, likes strangers pretty well, and more physical. Charli sang more as a baby, Claire babbles more. Charli would eat just about anything- Claire so far will eat a few bites of most anything, but shudders when she doesn't like it. It cracks us up! Both of my girls have been sweet, cozy babies, and I love them so much :)

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  1. They're both cute as can be! That is for sure!