Monday, May 21, 2012

Claire is 8 months!

Today Claire is 8 months old.  We couldn't love her more and her personality is so fun to watch emerge.  She is a ham. She has been nicknamed "Smiley" by a few people and it is so true.  She loves people, attention, being jiggled/bounced/danced with etc.  If people are around, she is likely completely content and tries to get everyone's attention with her grunts and squeals.  She says "dadadadada" all the time when she sees Brandon and I'm pretty sure she said "doggie" the other day too.  She loves to eat and is much more aggressive to get food than her big sister ever was.  She will gnaw on an apple for an hour, she loves most of her baby food (but not banana or applesauce, weirdly), and can already drink out of a straw.  She loves her sister and thinks everything Charli says is the funniest thing she's ever heard.  It's a joy to watch our little girls love each other.  We are so thankful for both our girls.  It's a blessing to be their mommy.

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