Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cali Vacation day 1

I was considering making a photo album on shutterfly just for this big California trip.  I realized I could just post a blog each day and add camera pictures later.  These are pictures from my phone. 

Snacks Packed! (I'm thankful that the airlines allow us to bring formula, drinks, baby food, etc.) And I was proud of my snack container idea from Pinterist! Keeps the snacks fresh, whole, and convenient. 
3 seats, 4 people! This was Claire's first airplane ride and Charli's 6th, believe it or not! They did pretty well on the nearly 4 hour flight! (Memphis directly to LAX) And as per usual, Claire loved everyone and Charli cautiously looked on.

Charli passed out in the rental car driving to our first destination: Ontario, CA.
This crazy boy was happy to be back in the smog and on a busy freeway! Just kidding, we both loved the sights and sounds of sunny SO Cal! Especially the palm trees.
Thought I should be in a picture since I'm usually taking the pictures...
She was cautious at first, but then LOVED the pool and was jumping off the edge in no time.
Claire's first swim!
We are staying the first 3 nights in a homewood suites.  This is an ideal setup with two very little people.  We set up Claire's pack'n'play in the kitchenette and put Charli on the sofa bed in the living room.  Brandon and I then had the bedroom w/ 2 queens all to ourselves after the girl went to bed.  This is also a great hotel for us because it has free breakfast and dinner! It's also walking distance to Ontario Mills Mall, where the girls and I are going later this morning to meet Tiffany and Selah to walk. (Since Brandon is working today and has the rental car.)  More to come tonight or tomorrow!