Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 16

Last day in Cali. Had another fun morning/afternoon with the Murray Fam. For dinner we picked up CPK to have at the hotel with the Davis Fam + Sam. The kids had a blast playing, swimming and playing some more and us grown ups had fun chatting. (and the dads/uncle Sam swam with all 4 kids) Also Rachael and Justin blessed us with a big bag of hand-me-downs. We both agreed that God so faithfully provides for all of our needs. We loved ending our trip on such a fun, high note :)

I was bad at taking pictures today again. :/ I stole these couple from Rachael's Facebook.

We are READY to be back home. I miss my family, cooking, letting the girls play on a floor that I know is clean, drawers (vs suitcases), my church, friends at home, our backyard, my piano, my bed/couch, etc (of course these are not in order of importance). We're praying for an uneventful trip home tomorrow! Memphis here we come!

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