Monday, April 23, 2012


As I continue to hash out the Grace-based parenting I am continually learning how to apply it to our family life.  It has always most affected our prayers.  We pray more.  We depend on God for more.  We know He answers and supplies all we need for life abundant.  Lately we are practicing 3 part prayers at bedtime.  We think about something we want to tell God that we love about Him.  We think of something to thank Him for.  We ask for help and/or healing for someone. These are 2 year old appropriate.  She gets it, she loves it, and she can do it nearly unassisted.  Tonight we prayed like this:

"God we think you are so awesome!  We love seeing our flowers in our yard grow.  It's pretty amazing because mommy can't make them grow, daddy can't make them grow, Charli can't make them grow either.  Only You can make the rain come down from the sky and only You can make the sun shine bright and cause the flowers to grow!  We also are thankful for our crayons and getting to color a fun picture today.  Tomorrow can you please help us be kind to each other? Please help Charli especially be kind to Claire tomorrow. "

Charli thought of all those topics!  I just help her with the big ideas and she inserts the details. (I bet you couldn't guess that with the crayon prayer haha)

More than anything I can teach my kids- I want their view of God to be true.  They can turn to Him with every joy and every sorrow.  He will carry them through their lives, never leave their side, and give them a purpose and hope that I cannot do.  One day they will leave me. One day (hopefully first) I will die.  I want their security, joy, comfort, peace, and hope to be found in Him first.  I hope these daily prayer times, by His grace, help them along His path.

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