Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wow Wednesday (1 day late)

This little girlie is sitting up all by herself now!  She's about 2 weeks earlier than Charli learning this skill.  Thus, she enters one of my favorite baby stages.  She can sit and play with toys but not get into anything. She perfectly happy with a couple rattles or spongy blocks and will happily accept any attention from anyone who looks her way.  She's such a "fat and happy" baby!
Don't you just love the "ponytail" ?! and drool.... hahaha
And this big girl fell right of my tree.  She loves to organize her toys.  Usually she's placing all like colors/shapes or finding things around the room that match.  She is constantly exclaiming, "mommy! this matches!"  She loves details and has an incredible memory.  She cracks me up with all her questions. Common themes including: what certain animals eat, where they live, what their name is
When we eat something new she wants to know where I got it, what it's called, etc.  
Here she is hard at work...

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