Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WOW Wednesday!

Lots of bloggers have a theme for a weekly blog. I'm jumping on the bandwagon but starting with my own idea. WOW Wednesday. (Vague, I know but that way it can be about anything WOW worthy) As I continue on my thrifty quests I have recently made a new milestone in coupon-ing. At Target the other day I spent $53, saved $58 and got $10 back in gift cards. Saving over 50% was a first for me, and I'm not gonna lie- I was on a coupon high for about 3 days. Definitely a WOW moment.

Last night I stumbled upon a thrifty gal's dream: a "manager's special" at the grocery. I talked to the Butcher about these and he said for meat it's related to the 'sell by' date. He said if you cook it within 2 days or freeze it, it's no problem. He said for other items in the store it can be related to sell by dates or just to clear space. Yesterday I found biscuits on the manager's special. 75 cents each. I got 5 cans. = $3.50. I had coupons, of course. Deduct $1.60 in coupons. That means I spent $1.90 for 5 cans. They can easily be cooked and frozen for quick breakfasts. (and I also have some sausage that I need to cook, so I think I'll make some sausage biscuits to freeze!) That's over 80% savings on the regular price. WOW!

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