Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a great evening welcoming home my dad from Buenos Aires, Argentina and doing Halloween-ish stuff with Charli and Claire. Charli had a little trouble deciding what princess to be and today finalized her Rapunzel decision. Claire got to be a purple fairy but I joked all day that she was going to be the brown fairy because of the number of blowout diapers in the last few days. (Teething isn't fun for any of us!) We took the girls trick-or-treating in mom and dad's neighborhood. Claire made it to one house then went back to help Pop hand out his tradition of tracts and candy. Charli did great and said "trick-or-treating!" at every house. Adorable. Her love of candy outweighed her fear of strangers. She even fell down a couple times but got back up and pushed through the pain. Mom, the ever-faithful republican, persuaded many a kid to vote for Mitt ;)

I taught Charli me and Lee's tradition of dumping out your goods when you get home and she promptly began "organizing" it. Love her so.

It was such a fun time with our first real trick-or-treater.

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