Friday, November 9, 2012

A Few Firsts

I really enjoyed voting this past week.  It was my first presidential election to vote in not by absentee.  (only my 3rd to be eligible for)  In college in California I voted by mail in the 2004 Bush vs. Kerry Election and 4 years ago we were in Turkey for the 2008 McCain vs. Obama election and again voted by absentee.  Not only did I vote in person this year, I decided that since our poll was only a couple miles from our house, I'd try to jog there and back.  I made it there, voted in record time, and jogged back home.  It ended up being the longest distance I've ever run: 5 miles.  I was proud of my two big accomplishments.

Now I am also imagining where will we be in 2016?!  (from California to Turkey to Mississippi to ....?)

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