Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Claire has been the talk of so many conversations lately.  She has been sick for 3 weeks with a stomach virus that she just cannot kick.  I cannot tell you how many blowouts and awful diapers we have changed.  It will definitely be a memorable time of her life for me.  Despite her continued illness she is exploding with new abilities. Just in the last two weeks she has learned to crawl on her knees, pull up to her feet, and even started to take a few steps cruising around her favorite piece of furniture, the ottoman.  Not only has she developed her physical skills, she has cut 4 new teeth and is now wearing an 18 month size in most clothes.  Her list of words and signs is growing daily.

Words she says:
Ball (sounds like BAWWW) (her fav word and toy)
Dada or Da-deeeee
Kitty-Cat (ti-ta)
Cup (pup)
Duck (her lovie)
Pop (my dad)

Thank you
All Done
Get Out
- the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider
- the motions to Happy and You Know it
Folds her hands when we pray

She's a busy girl, loves people, waves at everyone she knows and doesn't know and daily brings joy to our lives.  She's more stubborn than her big sister and takes a harder spank than Charli ever has to get through to her. (Charli wilts at the thought of our displeasure or impending punishment.) Claire defies our instruction already!  Boy, are they different!  Claire also takes falls, bumps, and bruises much better than Charli... maybe her pain tolerance is higher? Claire sleeps less than her sister but is generally happy with the amount of sleep she gets.  The best thing of all, is though they are so different, they love each other dearly and generally play well together.  The squeals of delight from their reuniting each morning or after naps is one of the highlights of my every day.

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