Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That feeling

Have you ever been on an overseas trip or cruise where you had to leave your phone at home or off for a few days? I've done it a number of times and I'm always amazed at the freedom I feel from not being tied to it. I think this is the third time I've mentioned my Facebook departure but obviously it was a big deal to me. (I was on it for 7+ years...) Well, that feeling I had with no cell phone in China for 6 weeks is the feeling I've had from deleting Facebook. Free. Cut the ties of the unnecessary, de-cluttered my time a little, and found new depth in some of my friendships.

Do I wonder where you're eating lunch today? Nope, never cared in the first place. Are you dying to know the weather at my house? Doubt it. And I guess if we're actually wondering about those things or more important things we can use our phones to call instead of posting pointless statuses in the hopes of what???

The answer to that question has been precisely why I've gotten off Facebook. It's ambiguous and I do hate assumptions.

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