Friday, October 5, 2012

A better blogger & Alabama

I am still off Facebook and surprised at how many times I've mindlessly opened my phone to check it. (All the more confirmation of my decision!) So, with less time on there I'm hoping to be a more frequent blogger. Have I mentioned I print our blog into a book every couple years? It's a fun family keepsake.

So here I am, in Troy, Alabama in a Hampton Inn blogging when is rather be in the gym but the baby is asleep in the crib in the bathroom and there's noooooo way I could go to bed sweaty. Gross. Charli is on the hidabed finally asleep after a hyper hotel arrival. (The cookies from Emmy probably didn't help either, but hey, this is vacation!)

Tomorrow we'll drive the rest of the way to Orlando. So far the girls have done pretty well. More to come from Florida!
(Pics: about to leave and we're excited & Troy, AL on the map... About half way there!)

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