Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY mirror upgrade

Sometimes a reasonable home project is just what I need to put a little accomplishment in my week.  Our bathroom mirrors have bothered me since we moved into this house.
Our basic, unfinished GIANT mirror in the master bathroom

What you need:
12x12 sheet of square tiles (I used 2 inch squares)
100% silicone glue, clear
measuring tape
masking tape

Remove this backing

Trust me, remove the backing before you start.  If you cut up the tiles, then begin to lay them out to glue you will notice that you can see the lattice on the back in the reflection in the mirror.  The lattice is incredibly difficult to get off of 36 tiles. 
Trim the excess glue from around the edges.
A dollop of glue and start sticking them in place.  They glue very easily to the glass... not so much on drywall... USE THE Q-tips to wipe excess glue from around the edges of the tiles.
Not too shabby!

I'm not gonna lie.  I am pretty proud of myself.   I have the materials to do the other bathroom too.  Both mirror updates came in at $60. I'll take it.

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