Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Biblical Womanhood

I'm studying Biblical Womanhood right now with a group of mature, godly women.  I have already been encouragement in who I am and how I relate to my family and my church.  It is thrilling to be empowered through God's definition of what a woman is, equal to men according to salvation but made differently with different gifts, roles, and purposes in life.  It is no wonder even in the church many people are confused over this role of complementarionism.  This quote really struck me, "When young women learn more about womanhood from TV, movies, magazine, and the Internet than they do from mature older women, they will often make unbiblical decisions." Susan Hunt

I have so much more to process as I study God's word and learn from godly, older women, but what a gift!  It's a gift I will give to my girls that as women, we are life givers!  Not only literally do we carry our children and give birth to them, but we give life to our family and to our church as we serve and love them.  What a privilege!

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