Monday, January 16, 2012

Tale as old as time...

Last weekend Mom and I took Charli to see her first movie in the theater: Beauty & the Beast 3D. It was a fun and memorable day. I love experiencing each of my children's first. I'm thankful that I'm there to be a part of each one- I can't think of one that I've missed, actually. What a blessing!

Charli LOVED going to the movie. She ate an absolute ton of popcorn and jellybeans and though I caught a picture of her wearing the 3D glasses, she didn't wear them for most of the movie. She took turns sitting with me and Mom and a few minutes on the booster seat. Speaking of the booster, a word to the wise: if you take a very small child to the movie, do ask for a booster and if it's a 3D movie you can ask for these foam tubes to put on the glasses to make them smaller. (They still weren't actually small enough, but it helped.)

I loved that my mom was there too. She took me to my first theater movie: Snow White, when I was about 3. Here are a few (bad) pictures that I took with my phone.

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