Monday, January 30, 2012

Older, but wiser, right???

I think I've crossed some invisible barrier in life from being a young adult to an adult. I didn't know that I had, but apparently others have figured it out. Here are some examples:

At Old Navy the gal on the sales floor (my guess- age 18?) asks to help me. (Because I'm starved for adult conversation, I over-share...) I tell her I'm shopping for myself, and not for my kids for once, and looking for new jeans. I tell her I don't want them to be too low waisted and I like skinny/straight leg jeans that I can wear with flats or in my boots. She tells me she thinks I would like the "sweetheart, boot-cut" jean and it's the one HER MOM likes. WHAT!!??

The teenagers who used to babysit for Charli called me Miss Bess. The new babysitter called me Mrs. Contreras.

A few months ago I accompanied Brooks (my, then, 15 year old brother) to his high school. A couple teenagers asked if I was his mom. NOT OK.

I guess I'll grab my Reader's Digest, V8 and my walker and head to my ergonomic bed.


  1. BAAA HA HA HA!!! I am cracking up!!!!! I love this!!!! I'm too tired to even head to my ergonomic bed...I'm just going to snooze on the couch sitting up! b ah ha ha ha ha

  2. Love! Did you like the jeans?!