Monday, January 2, 2012

Ode to Fred

Last week our sweet Freddy cat was hit and killed by a car on the main road behind our house.  Our neighbor actually saw him and moved his body out of the road and then came over and told me that he was pretty sure it was Freddy.  I checked and it was him :((((( I should've have had more retrain but I called Brandon sobbing- he didn't answer, so I called my dad because they work together.  I scared him to death because of my sob-fest.  Oops.  Lesson learned.  Thankfully I got ahold of Brandon and he was able to call the city and see if they could come get Fred's body. (I couldn't have handled going to get him to bury, especially with two little ones to care for!)  A couple days after it happened we decided to tell Charli that he went to heaven.  Here's how that conversation went.

Me: Charli, I need to tell you something.  Freddy went to heaven to be with Jesus.
Charli (with a look of confusion but happiness): yaay!
Me (gently, but firmly): Yes, he's happy there but he's not coming back to our family.
Charli: noooo, need him!
Me: I know, we loved Freddy, but he's happy living with Jesus now.
Charli: oh, ok.

Later in the week she told the babysitter that he was outside playing with the other neighbor kitty.  ohwell, she is only 2.  It's weird that she won't really remember him.

Here's a picture montage of our fuzzy friend.  We already miss him so much!

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  1. Bess! I am so sorry! I enjoyed the little guy's cuddles.