Monday, August 5, 2013

First day of Preschool

Charli had her first day of school today. She was super excited; she even told me in the car that she had been "excited in her bed" the night before. It's the first time she's ever mentioned excitement affecting bedtime. 

Highlights (according to her) for her first day: new shirt, new owl lunch box, new school, nice teacher, and made a new friend, Maggie, who had something ballerina-ish about her outfit that Char liked.  She also enjoyed playing on the playground, coloring with markers, and painting. 

I think I've started a tradition with the sign. 

Putting her backpack in her cubby. 

With Miss Sheri, her teacher

The highlight of the day for me was asking her in the car if she would like her teacher to call her "Charli" or Charlotte. She thoughtfully decided on Charlotte with the reason that "it was her favorite best name".  I was proud of her decision. It was always our intent that she could decide between the two, especially in the school setting. She seemed to grow up a lot today!

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  1. Favorite best name!!! I love it!!! And I love that you gave her the choice. She's getting so big!