Friday, February 15, 2013

Late Walkers, Early talkers

Seems like lately I've said this phrase a lot.  Charli didn't walk until 18 months.  Claire is almost 17 months and VERY active, but not walking on her own.  But, talk, she can!  She communicates in a much more demanding way than Charli ever did at this age, but we are thankful she is at least communicating.  And since I have been terrible with writing stuff down about Claire, this blog will likely be my best record of her milestones.

Claire can say:

ball, cup (usually sounds like pup or puppy), juice, cheese, sissy, daddy, mommy, pop, emmy, didi, papaw, brooks (sounds likes "ks"), kitty, CAT (which is how I yell at the cat, which she has picked up), puppy (for doggies), church (sounds like chch), yummy, help (sounds like hep), toy (her cutest word), get down (sounds like "et owwwn!"), Hi, Bye (sounds like die), movie (sounds like moo-mi), hand (meaning stop-trying-to-get-me-to-walk-without-your-hand, i-need-it!), minnie mouse or mickey mouse (sounds like mi-mi-mou), elmo, grover, murray, zoe, abby, veggietales, mouth (mou), ME (when she wants something she yells "ME" and points at herself)

Now that I type out this list I can think of many more things she says. Lots of foods, commands, tv related things, toy names, animals & their sounds, etc.  She's hilarious.  She's opinionated and loud.  When she's happy you know it, when she's mad- she wails.  She's into everything and loves to climb- two things Charli never did.  She is fearless and is a thrill seeker. (If you're a 17 month old thrill seeker then you love to swing really high and you crawl up the steps at the playground and then go down the slide face first and laugh joyously at the bottom.)

Charli is all things girl, princess, and little miss information.  She loves going to church and playing with her friends.  She loves to color, dance, sing, and baby her stuffed animals and baby dolls.  She says hilarious stuff everyday.  Earlier this week we went over to my mom and dad's house. I knew they were home and we rang the doorbell b/c the door was locked.  They didn't come, so we rang it again.  Charli says, very matter of factly, "apparently they're not here."  HAHA. I looked at her like, are you 3 or 30??

I love my girls. I love how different God made them from one another and yet they get along great and love each other dearly.  Lately I've been thanking God for making them uniquely themselves.  I want them always to know that God made them with special gifts and personalities.  I hope I can help them learn who God made them.  I will never tell them they can be anything they want to be. It's just not true.  I will tell them they can be exactly who God intended them to be, and being that person will bring them great joy if they do if for His glory.


  1. So, any more little girls on the way yet? :)

  2. I totally feel like you were describing my girls personalities...i kinda teared up. Loved reading your blog about your girlies. We are blessed mommies!